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For the past few years, performance artist Nate Hill has been lighting up drab corners of the New York subway with a very strange splodge of colour.

Commuters might, for example, look across the L train tracks and see an exotic, vibrating, body of bright blue here.

Or perhaps they’ll peer down the platform to see this…   


Photo by Syd London. All rights reserved

…something that, on closer inspection, reveals itself to be a dolphin on its way to work.

Brandishing a card offering FREE BOUNCY RIDES, Hill appears, entices people into sitting on his lap, doles out his ‘free bouncy ride’, and then vanishes, leaving his bouncees to wonder if they’ve encountered an innovative artist or just a shifty character who likes to dress up and molest people on public transport.


Well, now you can decide for yourself. Today, Hill launches his ‘Best Art Show of 2011’ solo exhibition in New York, which will run every day until March 31st.  In addition to the Free Bouncy Rides, Hill will put on various other outdoor performances with equally bewildering titles such as Death Bear, Punch Me Panda and the Chinatown Garbage Taxidermy Tour.

Intrigued? You can follow Hill and his show here and here. And you won’t have to pay a penny for the performances.

Anyone who does make it, please send me your thoughts on the show via the ‘contact me or comment’ button on the right. After all, whether a work of genius or a gimmick, can anything really pique the interest if not a dodgy dolphin on his daily commute?

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