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Guerrilla knitting

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While a big chunk of this blog is devoted to showing you the coloured, painted and scribbled-in corners of other people’s towns, it has a special place for projects that are open to everyone. For this reason, I was particularly happy when Seema in London sent news of an absolutely gorgeous initiative. And one which can only improve with the contribution of people from wildly different cultures, cities and mindsets. 

Devotees of Guerrilla Knitting spend hours twisting coloured lengths of yarn into ”textile installations”. These pieces of 3D imagination are then snipped from their balls of wool, labelled, and placed out in the wilds: into strawberry patches, around lamp posts or on top of stone statues. 

Finally, they appear as this…



…or any other curious object the knitter can think up.

Unlike Michael Swaine’s Generosity Project, an artistic solo endeavour, this is to be a wide-ranging and communal activity. It’s all been pulled together by conceptual artist Shauna Richardson and her Lionheart Project, which aims to “inspire people of all ages, individuals, schools and community groups to get involved and get creative”.

Anyone moved to create their own urban crochet is asked to download the tag here, attach it to their piece, place it in an unexpected place and take a photograph. Selected images will be uploaded to the gallery page and the very best of these may find themselves in a book compiled by the project. 

So, inspired to untangle that dusty knitting bag in the attic? You’ll need this link for the details. Send one image of your completed masterpiece to and another one to so I can see the new corners you have been busy colouring in. 

And big thanks to Seema for spreading the word!

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